The Hottest Jewellery Styles For Spring!

Hottest Jewellery Styles For Spring

For years now, I’ve had a bracelet (my dad gave me), a watch and a long necklace that my buddy gave me which I wear with everything. This is the extent of my jewelry.

I find other girls wearing layers of necklaces and seeming so tasteful when I venture into downtown Vancouver.

I was interested, so I spoke with Bianca Milov a jewelry designer.

What are the most popular trends in jewelry this season? What exact colors are hottest? And styles?

Stacking necklaces, rings, and earrings. Gemstone necklaces including malachite, amethyst laps, and crystal quartz. Shades of pinks, marsala, and turquoise are trending this season.

Top tips for modernizing and making a t-shirt and jeans outfit stylish with the help of jewelry?

Piling different length necklaces. Even adding in a lariat. With a plain ensemble, you can really have fun with your jewelry and unite many different kinds of bits.

The best way to dress up an evening outfit.

For evening, I think one bigger statement piece is perfect. A bigger crystal quartz necklace, for instance.

What do you consider the hottest jewelry piece for this season?

For me, the key jewelry piece for virtually any season is a basic necklace you can wear each and every day. I adore a lariat, to get a little more fun nevertheless. Warmer seasons are also a perfect time to play with nature motifs like flowers and butterflies, which may be done with fine pieces.

How to care for your jewelry?

Jewelry care is simple, the key would be to remember to do it! Never sleep, shower or workout in your jewelry as these actions can cause tarnish. Don’t forget to always clean your jewelry using a polishing cloth to solve any problems that are tarnishing.

What are the top three tricks, if one is new to wearing jewelry to inspire an outfit?

I always believe the simpler the better. Make certain it is balanced, in the event you are going to produce an impression. That can’t balance out if your clothes have a lot going on and vice-versa.

There are so many gorgeous pieces, from easy and fine to statement that could work at any budget.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals!

Any other suggestions for women desiring to look great with their jewelry?

With jewelry, you do not constantly have to follow the tendency of the second. Straightforward pieces may be trendy for a very long time.

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