Fashion Jewelry Trends: What To Wear

Every girl needs to be up with all the new jewelry and in-style styles. I am going to talk about some of the most recent styles for this summer, so you are in the loop on what’s hot and what’s not.

This year for summer, the color is turquoise! The season is actually represented by this colour perfectly. The color of blue is vivid, playful, and always brings out and emphasizes a tan. It is such a joyful color.

Arm cuffs are another in fad which is in this year, I surprisingly love this look, depending on what the arm cuffs are, the most skinny ones are the cutest to me. They certainly loved their accessories!

Midi rings are the exciting and new thing, I really enjoy this fashion, plus it provides an appearance that is different than only regular rings. This fashion of rings may also bring attention to your hands because they are going to appear a lot more blingy. Summer is the time to spice things up, you’ve been bundled up all and now you can layer down and flaunt your accessories.

It is such a gorgeous colour, and wearing it’ll truly make you feel more womanly than ever. It’s the best thing for light, summer and modern. I picked a couple bits that we carry in rose gold.

Rose Gold Hoops

We have these simple rose gold hoops, all these are fine because they’re not difficult to wear and appear great. They could definitely be an everyday hoop due to the simplicity.

Rose Gold and Diamond Band

This rose gold and diamond band is stunning, the color is gorgeous, along with the layout is not really ugly. This ring would be the perfect thing to ensure you are with the in designs.

Rose Gold Diamonds Studs

I definitely love the rose gold with all the diamond. It is very quite simple but it gives a pop of colour to a diamond stud.

Straightforward trends, and all amazingly stunning!