7 Must-Have Jewelry Trends For This Fall

Wearing jewelry has turned into a veritable style signature along with the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 season is about exceptional designs and statement pieces that define the wearer.

In the limelight: raw gemstones, sharp geometry, tribal patterns, metallic strings and jewels inspired. We have got you covered in our latest jewelry craze guide! Check out some of the newest stone coming to retailers and discover out what goes best with the season’s new wardrobe.

  1. Geometric shapes: there is something inherently contemporary for a tasteful look search for other textures that are smooth and polished metals: about a bold, minimalist layout. Wear an architectural bit against wool tweeds and knits that are soft to add a touch of futuristic edge.Geometric shapes


  1. Chain-aesthetic: this versatile layout can fit into multi any fashion style -layer fringe strings or strong link bracelets and necklaces will bring a glamorous urban vibe, to tailored ensembles. You can even pick string jewelry to enhance the furious appearance of colours that are military and jungle prints.Chain-aesthetic


  1. Drop earrings: dangling earrings have consistently been a fascinating feminine favourite, yet this season steampunk designs including string tassels and bead clusters have taken the place of pendants that are dainty. This look has been worn by fashion personalities and celebrities all over the red carpets recently. As a style statement that rebels: wear a single drop earring for an, even more, fashion forward looks.Drop earrings


  1. Multiple rings: the hands will become a focal point with these trends that are progressive: stackable rings with charms and stones, engraved double finger rings and statement hand harnesses. Should you choose one ring pick for big, raw gemstones and asymmetrical designs. Pair classic pieces against modern designs and mix and match to your heart’s content. Multiple rings take over last season’s nail art craze.Multiple rings


  1. Statement cuffs: you have to roll the sleeves up to show off this attractiveness: wide cut bracelets with amalgamated metal layouts an exceptional artisan look or simple wire cuffs adorned with oversized rocks will glamorize the no bustle tailoring of this season. Wear them with cashmere crew necks and denim in addition to evening silk dresses. Try boyfriend jeans, loosely tailored button-up with sleeves rolled just below the elbow along with a statement cuff for a sophisticated trendy fashion.Statement cuffs


  1. Nature touches: a new glamorous bohemian fashion takes inspiration from nature with precious metal plating rather than folk accents that are small and the usage of lavish gemstones. Wear a little black dress to be updated by a crystal flower necklace or to add a luxe touch to a crisp top.Nature touches


  1. Tribal inspiration: jet beaded bits, leather and wood accents, combined metals, juxtaposed to industrial aesthetic although inspired by right costumes. This new tech-tribal jewelry goes instantly with the urban-sporty-androgynous fashion: wear a bar necklace over the effect as well as sweatshirt top will likely be breathtaking.Tribal inspiration