Jewelry Ideas To Help You Accessorize Every Outfit Like A Pro


There are all those beautiful and inspiring pieces of jewelry accessible the marketplace providing countless styling alternatives to you. The key is to discover which pieces add the top finishing touches to your outfit.

Here are four jewelry tips and tricks, which means you get it right each and everytime:


1. Each piece should be proportional to facial features and your body frame. The trick to the success with every outfit will be to command where the ‘eye’ goes. When done well, the focus stays on ‘you’ and this goal is complemented by your outfit. Jewelry can support or redirect this objective and also the size of every individual piece or the overall jewelry layout plays a key role. For example, layering necklaces can divinely style an outfit as long as the net effect does not overpower you. Pay particular attention to the span of your necklaces also – that you do not need to truncate your neck. Maybe you have seen someone wear faux or real diamond stud earrings that were not so small they overwhelmed the earlobe and just overlapped? Avoid this. When you are discussing with a customer whose eyes are fixated on your own earrings and away from your eyes, the probability of her or him paying attention to what you’re saying decrease. A cuff bracelet that is daring may merely be an ideal accessory to your shift dress, only make sure the length of your arm does not visually shorten.



2. Each piece must complement your skin tone as well as your outfit. It is so crucial that you select jewelry that not only looks great with your outfit but enriches you too. Opt for gemstones and jewelry metals that illuminate your natural skin tone. Maybe you look better in turquoise that is green instead of blue turquoise or yellow gold verses that are gleaming dark matte gold. I know silver alloy is a favorite for so many, but it is preferred by me solely for women with silver gray hair. Overall, gold tones look best on most women even when their skin has blue undertones.



3. Each piece should be occasion and outfit suitable. The fashion rules of now are far more lenient than times past on the job. It’s okay to wear baubles during the day. For instance, a posh, innovative crystal necklace may be the perfect accessory for a day full of meetings, but wearing it to give your closing trial argument is probably not a good idea – the shimmer will distract rather than bring your audience. It is also important to note the tone/vibe of your outfit and jewelry. It’s fine to combine seasons and centuries. The trick is always to make sure the comparison is complementary. Daytime flowery jewelry will likely not work, but an ornate 1920’s vintage bracelet styled with an old-fashioned, equestrian, tweed blazer may simply be an ideal comparison.



4. Each piece must be versatile. The entire purpose of accessories would be to add additional interest to an outfit. A great jewelry purchase is when it’s not only a wonderful bit, but it complements several of your outfits. Plus a matching set is not versatile. Even if you break the jewelry set up and wear it individually, it’s not adding anything brand new, fresh or exciting to your day-to-day outfits. Jewelry that is noisy also has its limitations. I urge noise-free jewelry particularly on the job and this limits its worth to your wardrobe since you work most of your week.

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